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Reluctant to Read?

A significant number of children – and adults – are reluctant to read ; they have no interest in engaging with books to read for pure pleasure.  It may be that they find reading difficult because they struggled in their early years with learning how to ‘decode’ words on the page and have therefore, never moved on to further develop their reading skills. 

Or it may be that they have just never read a book which captivated their imagination and left them wanting to repeat the experience.


For those who have not yet developed their reading skills finding books which are of interest, but are also appropriate to their reading ability can be daunting. Fortunately, there are several publishers who specialize in producing precisely these kind of books and we have a range of these titles available for loan in all our libraries.

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As with any skill, improvement comes with practice and to develop the ability to read fluently you need to read regularly. Once you are able to read fluently you can then understand the meaning of the words on the page and the boundless opportunities and rewards of reading for pleasure are available to you.

Other Websites

You may also find it helpful to look at the websites of some of the publishers who specialise in these kind of books.

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