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  • Bedlington Station Library will be closed on Sat 24 March.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  The next nearest library is Bedlington which is open 10am -1pm.

BookstartbearWhat is Bookstart?

"Upon starting school, the Bookstart children were significantly ahead of their classmates in all Reading and Number assessments. At age seven the Bookstart children were still ahead in learning." - Professor Barrie Wade and Dr Maggie Moore (Bookstart)

Bookstart supports you to enjoy books with your child from as early an age as possible.  

Bookstart offers the gift of free books to all children at two key ages before they start school to inspire a love of reading that will give children a flying start in life and to help families enjoy reading together every day.

 Bookstart Baby pack Bookstart Treasure Pack

Bookstart Baby Pack – It’s never too early to start enjoying books with your baby. You'll get your free Bookstart pack in your baby's first year, usually from your health visitor or other health professional.    

Bookstart Treasure Gift - Sharing books, stories or rhymes every day helps your child become a confident and eager learner even before they start school. Your child will get their Bookstart Treasure Gift when they are between 3–4 years old, from their nursery, playgroup or other early years setting.

Northumberland Libraries provide support and welcome to all Bookstart families.

Bookstart Books

Take a look at a selection of Bookstart Books. Click on the book covers below to find which library has a copy.  don't worry if your library does not have the book you want you can reserve it for free from another Northumberland Library.

 slowsnail peepo ouch pouch babiesveryfirstblackandwhitthegruffalo wriigleandroar

bears reading adventure v4Bear's Reading Adventure

If you visit one of our libraries you can pick up the sticker storybook ‘Bear's Reading Adventure’ – free for families with children aged up to five.

Children get awarded a new sticker to put in this special book every time they visit the library – collect all 10 to download a special Bookstart certificate!  

Find out more about Bear's Reading Adventure

Story and Rhymetime

‘Sharing books with your child is one of the nicest activities you can do. It develops so many skills and it all happens very naturally when you read and talk about books with your child.’ (Bookstart mum)

These libraries run story and rhyme time sessions  -  please contact the individual library for more information.

  • Berwick Library - Story and Rhymetime every Friday 11am till 11.30am.
  • Blyth Library - Story and Rhymetime every Friday 9.30am till 10am.
  • Hexham Library - Story and Rhymetime every Monday during term time 9.45am - 10.15am
  • Morpeth Library - Story and Rhymetime every Wednesday during term time 2.15pm till 2.45pm.
  • Prudhoe Library - Story and Rhymetime every Friday during term time 10.30am - 11am  
  • Seaton Valley Library - Story and Rhymetime every Tuesday during term time 9.30am till 10am

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